Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Play Bocce

You will need:

a flat, smooth surface (preferably sand or dirt) that is at least 20 yards long

a set of 9 bocce balls

4 players

1. There should be two different colors with the bocce ball set. Each team should consist of two people and should have their own color.
2. Take the small white or yellow ball (palino) that comes with the bocce ball set.
3. Throw the palino the desired distance (at least 10 yards).
4. Player 1 of Team A goes first and tries to throw their bocce ball closest to the palino.
5. After they have gone, Player 1 of Team B tries to get their ball closer than Team A's ball.
6. If Team B succeeds, then Player 2 of Team A must go and try to get closer than Team B. If Team B does not succeed and does not get closer to the palino than Team A, they must continue to go until they get closest to the palino.
7. The teams continue to alternate turns until all the 8 balls have been thrown.
8. After all 8 balls have been thrown, players check to see which balls are closest to the palino. Whichever team is closest to the palino is the only team that gets points. If Team A has the 3 closest balls to the palino, they get 3 points, and Team B gets no points. If Team A has 1 closest ball to the palino, they get 1 point, and Team B gets no points.
9. After points have been calculated for the round, continue to play rounds until a team reaches a total score of 11.
10. If at any time during the game someone hits the palino or any other bocce balls with their ball, gameplay resumes normally. Points will not be deducted.
11. Have fun!

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